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Weekly Roundup – Friday, May 31st

Why Should I Hire You: How to Answer the Toughest Job Interview Questions – The Savvy Intern has great suggestions on using this question to your advantage.

The Real Reason Some Employers and Applicants Stink at Interviewing – Along those same lines, Careerealism offers tips to avoid common interviewing mistakes.

Ten Tips for Your Summer at the Screen – Legal writing trainer, Ross Guberman, provides tips for successful writing as a summer associate over at Above the Law.

First Week of Work: Make or Break Your Summer – Susan Gainen blog at Pass the Baton features tips for maximizing your first week on the job. Also check out her advice for the second and third weeks.

Job Hunting for 3Ls and Recent Grads – Career coach Kelly Slater’s 5 part series at The Girl’s Guide to Law School features great advice for 3Ls and recent graduates who are still seeking employment.

Words of Wisdom: Advice from former SCOTUS Justice Sandra Day O’Connor – Ms. JD’s incredible post features career advice from Justice O’Connor!

3 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your LinkedIn Network – Lindsey Pollak’s article at LinkedIn features great advice and examples to help you get the most out of LinkedIn.

5 Ways New Attorneys Can Add Value – Great post by Sybil Dunlop at Lawyerist!

How to Gather Interview Intel with Social Media – These suggestions by Aaron Guerrero at USNews will surely help you stand out during interview season.

How  to be an international-minded attorney, aware and respective of cultural differences

The American Lawyer has just released the 2013 AmLaw 200


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