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Weekly Roundup


Facebookers, beware: That silly update can cost you a job – This post by Dara Kerr from CNET highlights that employers have rejected 1 in 10 people between the ages of 16 & 34 because of something the person shared on social media.

How to Tap Your LinkedIn Network for Your Next Opportunity – Lindsay Pollak’s article for the LinkedIn Blog provides helpful advice on using LinkedIn to secure your next opportunity by gathering information and building relationships.

How to Ask for an Informational Interview – A great tutorial by Kristin Johnson at Careerealism on how to ask for an informational interview.

Before the Job Interview, Do Your Homework – Although geared toward recent college graduates, this NY Times feature has great advice on preparing for interviews.

Salary Negotiations 101 – Carla DeVelder writes on the basics of salary negotiation for the ABA Student Lawyer Magazine.

Asking for a Raise? Avoid Round Numbers – This Wall Street Journal article features an interesting take on salary negotiation.  

Breaking the Tie: When You’re One of Two Great Candidates – This Careerealism feature highlights how likeability can help you stand out from the rest!

Secrets to Succeeding in your Summer Job – Hillary Mantis’ article at The National Jurist provides tips to help you succeed at work this summer.  


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