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Rising 3Ls, have you thought about applying for a Fulbright Grant?

Fulbright Grants permit students to carry out a project of their design in a host country of their choice. Most candidates apply in their third year of law school and carry out their projects after their graduation. Past successful projects have addressed the privatization of water utilities in Brazil, the causes of excessive juvenile pretrial detention in Mexico, and public interest litigation to advance the right to healthcare in India.

The primary eligibility requirements are U.S. citizenship and good health. Factors in selection include the quality of the research design, the student’s academic and professional qualifications to undertake the proposed research, and sufficient foreign language skills, where needed. Candidates are expected to have a solid combination of course work, research, and practical experience in their issue areas.

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please contact the Merit Awards front desk at (202) 885-1854 for information on how to initiate the application process. Applications for funding for the 2014-15 academic year are due to the Office of Merit Awards in late September. Candidates would be expected to meet a series of preliminary draft deadlines over the course of the summer, beginning in late June.



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