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Fall Recruitment: What to Wear?

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Interview Attire- Dress For Success

For Men
  • Wear a dark, tailored suit
  • Wear an appropriate watch
  • Wear polished, dress shoes with dark socks
For Women
  • Wear minimal make-up and avoid flashy jewelry
  • Wear a tailored suit– traditional business attire suggests a dark or conservative skirt suit or pants suit
  • Be sure that skirts are no more than one inch above the knee


DOJ Essay Reviews

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DOJ Essay Reviews

Interested in Applying to the Department of Justice?

As you know, essays are critical and relied upon very heavily by DOJ officials during the application process. So, Laura Scott, OCPD’s Assistant Director, Public Service Careers, would be happy to review your DOJ essays and provide feedback! In the interest of assisting as many students as possible with DOJ essays/applications, she will review essays and provide comments electronically only.

If you would like to receive feedback on your essays, please email your near-final drafts to Laura Scott at no later than 11:59 pm Tuesday, August 19th. This deadline will allow enough time for revisions and questions.

Back to School Kick Off for Law Students


What is Fall Recruitment

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2014 Fall Recruitment Program

What is Fall Recruitment?
  • Fall Recruitment is a program that encompasses a broad spectrum of opportunities for current law students, ranging from summer positions to permanent, post-graduate employment in Washington, DC and across the country.
  • An opportunity to apply to mid-size and large law firms, government agencies, businesses, and public interest organizations, many of which interview on-campus at AUWCL. Click here for more information.