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Summer 2015 Legal Internship Opportunity

1L, 1LE, 2L, 2LE, 3LE

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is tasked with the prevention of fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices that adversely affect consumers or competition.

In recent years, the Commission’s consumer protection mission has taken on increased international focus as more and more FTC cases involve offshore defendants or assets. For example, the FTC has sued overseas telemarketers responsible for scamming consumers out of tens of millions of dollars, the FTC has pursued foreign spammers responsible for deluging consumers’ in-boxes with unwanted email, and the FTC has gone after U.S. promoters of bogus weight-loss products who concealed their ill-gotten gains in a maze of offshore bank accounts.

OIA’s consumer protection group frequently hosts interns who work with the office’s attorneys at the FTC’s headquarters in Washington, DC. Interns are responsible for researching novel and substantial legal issues, such as on-line privacy and governance issues, European consumer law, and issues relating to Internet jurisdiction and transnational service of process. Interns sometimes also attend intra- and interagency meetings, assist in planning events for foreign visitors, and follow developments in foreign law.

Job Id: 32681
Deadline: February 6, 2015
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