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Summer 2015
Law Clerk

1L,  2L, 2LE, 3LE, Domestic LLM

Law interns with the DOJ-Criminal Division will conduct substantial legal research and writing assignments in the areas of international, criminal, and immigration law. Law interns will also conduct factual research, review and organize documents, and work on policy matters.

Summer: Rising second- and third-year law students. Full-time International or Comparative Law LL.M. candidates who are not employed while pursuing their advanced degree.

Applicants must have:
(1) a strong academic background;
(2) excellent research and writing skills;
(3) experience or interest in criminal and international law.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens. Foreign language proficiency is preferred.

Application Deadline:
Summer: March 1

Job Id: 31444
Deadline: March 01, 2015
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FCC Legal 

1L, 1LE, 2L, 2LE3L, 3LE, Domestic LLM

The Enforcement Bureau is the primary FCC unit that enforces the Communications Act and the Commission’s rules and orders. The Bureau investigates and responds to potential unlawful conduct to ensure:
(1) consumer protection in an era of complex communications;
(2) a level playing field to promote robust competition;
(3) efficient and responsible use of the public airwaves;
(4) strict compliance with public safety-related rules. The Bureau’s work is both varied and cutting edge and often involves intra- and interagency cooperation and collaboration.

Expected Activities:
Students will work closely with senior management to carry out the Bureau’s priorities and should expect to do a significant amount of legal research, analysis, and writing. Students will receive ample feedback in a supportive, collegial environment.

Candidates should be law students who possess excellent legal research, writing, and analytical skills. Candidates should have an interest in communications and enforcement issues, intellectual curiosity, a positive and team-oriented attitude, and great initiative.

Job Id: 31177
Deadline: February 28, 2015
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