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Private Spotlight



2015 Summer Intern/Law Clerk (Paid)

 1L, 1LE2L2LE, 3LE

The Gowen Group Law Office, PLLC, a small general practice law firm located in downtown Washington, DC, seeks a rising 2L, 3L or 4L for its summer internship position.

The Gowen Group is a traditional small law practice that strives to provide comprehensive legal services for both individuals and small businesses. The Gowen Group handles a wide array of legal services, returning to the days when one firm could take care of all of one’s legal needs. Practice areas include criminal defense, family law, wills and trusts, employment law, and civil litigation. The Gowen Group also has a sizable Social Security disability benefits practice. With such a varied practice, interns will have the opportunity to experience a full range of legal topics and assignments.

Job Id: 32906
Deadline: May 31, 2015
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