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USAJobs Training

USAJobs and the Federal Job Search
Looking for positions on USAJobs and not sure where to start? Review OCPD’s recent presentation about the USAJobs website here:  and be sure to look at the accompanying Slide Show.


Clerkships 101 (Fall 2016)

Clerkships 101: The Nuts and Bolts of Applying for Judicial Clerkships


Clerkships 101: Jumpstart Your Judicial Career! Learn about why you should work for a judge, where you can work for a judge, how to locate opportunities to work for a judge, what to submit with your application, when you should plan on applying, and other helpful tips for jumpstarting your judicial job search.
Note: This event has already occurred, please find the handout and PowerPoint slides for the event below.

Clerkships 201 (Fall 2016)

Clerkships 201: The Nuts and Bolts of Applying for Judicial Clerkships

Clerkships 201 Handout

You’ve attended 101 and know what a clerkship is, why you’d want
to do one, and what you need to be a prime candidate. Now what?
Attend Clerkships 201 to learn the real nuts and bolts of the
application process, including how to use OSCAR, how to search for state court clerkships, what to highlight in your resume and cover letter, and how to select your writing sample. We’ll also cover the very important topic of letters of recommendation.