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Quick Tips: Choosing a Writing Sample

While you’re plugging away at work this summer, you might want to take some time to think about writing samples.  Many students and recent graduates have questions about choosing a good writing sample.  Read on for quick tips and suggested resources on this topic.

1.       The best writing samples are written as part of a legal work experience, including internships and externships.  If you are using a sample from work, be sure you have your employer’s permission to use the document as a writing sample and redact any sensitive information.  If you are a first year student, employers understand that you may not yet have completed a legal internship or externship; therefore, a legal memoranda or brief from Legal Rhetoric is acceptable.  Just be sure that your writing sample includes legal analysis.  Unless the topic is highly relevant to the position you seek or you are certain that an employer is interested, it is generally best to stay away from submitting scholarly or academic work.